Shifted preps new album, Under A Single Banner

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  • We speak with the UK techno producer about his second album, which is due out on Bed Of Nails next month.
  • Shifted preps new album, Under A Single Banner image
  • Shifted has revealed details of a new album called Under A Single Banner. The record will come out through Bed Of Nails, the Hospital Productions-affiliated label run by Dominick Fernow, AKA Vatican Shadow. It arrives roughly 18 months on from his debut album, Crossed Paths, which came out on Mote-Evolver. "Whereas Crossed Paths was about a kind of hi-fidelity sheen over everything, this was deliberately more skuffed and raw sounding," the producer told RA. "It's very much still a Shifted record though, very sparse in terms of component parts, only this time I've abused things a little more with external processing." Read on for a full Q&A that sheds some more light on the project:
    Tell us about how this album sounds compared to Crossed Paths? Crossed Paths was written quite soon after the Shifted project started, and I think at the time I was keen to show a cross section of what I'm capable of as a producer. However, with this album I wanted to do something that was a little more focussed, it was also written over quite a short period of time, and the techniques I used in the studio differed quite a lot. How did you come to release it through Bed Of Nails? Originally I was planning to release it on Avian, but I met Dominick [Fernow] in Berlin recently and we got on well. I played him the LP and he immediately suggested we work together on putting it out. I only really like to work with a very small amount of labels, but Bed Of Nails seemed like an immediate sonic and aesthetic fit, and as it's not an entirely "techno" label I think it fits this project well. The sleeve looks interesting. Can you tell us about it? Dominick designed the sleeve. We sat down and talked things over and I was telling him about my fondness for this kind of saturated VHS footage. I like the warmth of this kind of thing and perhaps as I grew up in the '80s there's an element of nostalgia to it as well. I also wanted splashes of colour, but nothing too sharp or focussed, a little like the music itself perhaps. What else have you got in store for the rest of 2013? Aside from this LP, I've been slowly writing new material for my Covered In Sand project. I plan to do something a little more substantial with it at the start of next year. Also just keeping on with developing Avian/Mira and working with Sigha on more material as A Model Authority.
    Tracklist 01. Core Of Stone 02. Chrome, Canopy & Bursting Heart 03. Suspended Inside 04. Under A Single Banner 05. Burning Tyres 06. Pulse Incomplete 07. Contract 0 08. Story Of Aurea 09. Wash Over Me Bed Of Nails will release Under A Single Banner on November 25th, 2013.