Pan Sonic announce Oksastus live album

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  • The Finnish duo will release a live recording from a 2009 Ukraine concert later this month.
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  • Pan Sonic will drop a new live LP called Oksastus on February 20th. Mika Vainio and Ilpo Väisänen have been operating under that name for almost two decades now. Over that time they've fostered an instantly identifiable sound that melds techno with the muscle of metal and industrial music, including lots of experimentation with extreme frequencies. They've been quiet since 2010, though both members have active solo careers, and Oksastus is set to be the first Pan Sonic release in quite some time. It doesn't exactly mark a reunion, however—instead, it's a live recording of the duo tearing it up at Kiev concert on June 6th, 2009, and as improvisatory as ever. The album, named for "the process of grafting or cultivating of plants," comes in lavishly-packaged, limited edition CD and double-white vinyl formats. It'll come out on Ukrainian label Kvitnu, which hosted the concert in the first place. Check out clips from the LP below.
    Tracklist 01. 7’06″ 02. 5’31″ 03. 4’35″ 04. 11’03″ 05. 5’42″ 06. 17’28″ 07. 4’41″ 08. 5’41″ Kvitnu will release Oksastus on February 20th, 2014.