Emptyset ready Recur for Raster-Noton

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  • The Bristol experimental duo's first full-length for the renowned label will hit in October.
  • Emptyset ready Recur for Raster-Noton image
  • Emptyset will release their next album, Recur, on October 28th. Bristol's James Ginzburg and Paul Purgas have stepped up the game for their Emptyset project in the last two years, releasing a stream of noise-infected ambient techno for CLR, Caravan and their own Subtext label. Last year they debuted on prominent experimental imprint Raster-Noton with the Ununhexium EP, which RA's Angus Finlayson called "dry, forthright and almost unremittingly full-throttle" compared to their previous work. The duo will return to the German avant-garde mainstay with a full-length release—their third overall and first for the label. A press release says Recur focuses on the themes of time, structure and recursion, "examining how notions of time interact with both experience and form, and the resulting modes through which this affects sound through compression and rarefaction and the forcing of signal thresholds to their critical point." It will be released on CD, digital and vinyl. Tracklist 01. Origin 02. Fragment 03. Disperse 04. Order 05. Absence 06. Lens 07. Instant 08. Recur 09. Limit Raster-Noton will release Recur on October 28th, 2013.