Perc and Adam X are AX&P

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  • The two industrial techno heavyweights have teamed up for a new label and collaboration.
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  • AX&P, a new label and collaboration from Adam X and Perc, will launch next month. The two producers share a penchant for industrial techno, and both run highly regarded labels of their own: Perc has Perc Trax, while Adam X has overseen Sonic Groove since the early '90s. "We thought it would be cool to mix our styles together and to see what would come of it," Adam told Juno Plus. The project has been two years in the making—during that time they've worked together in London, Berlin and "back and forth online." AX&P will remain an outlet for the pair's collaborations, with the first release, AMPERE&OHM, due out next month. For a bit of extra insight into Adam X, check out our recent Three Cuts film. Tracklist 01. Coulomb 02. Dines 03. Joule AX&P will release AMPERE&OHM on September 16th, 2013.