Luke Slater presents L.B. Dub Corp album

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  • We caught up with Slater to discuss the first LP under the alias, which features collaborations with Function and Benjamin Zephaniah.
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  • Luke Slater will release his first album under the L.B. Dub Corp alias in November. L.B. Dub Corp is one of Slater's lesser-spotted pseudonyms. Though he's released a handful albums through various guises, Unknown Origin is his first under this name. "With L.B., I pinpointed what I didn't want in the music," he told RA. "On that basis I started to write." The album will come out on Ostgut Ton, the label that put out the L.B. Dub Corp 12-inch Take It Down (In Dub) in 2010. It features two collaborations: Slater's fellow techno producer Function co-produced closing track "Roller," while venerable UK dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah appears on two tracks. Unknown Origin will be preceded by a three-track single release on October 14th. You can listen to "Turner's House" via the SoundCloud player below. We spoke with Slater via email recently to discuss the record:
    Why did you decide to record an album under this alias? I wanted to carry on L.B. Dub Corp in some way after the Ostgut Ton 12-inch [Take It Down (In Dub)], which people liked. The obvious yet challenging choice was an album on Ostgut. How did your approach to this album differ from your most recent LP, which was produced as Planetary Assault Systems? When I'm writing Planetary or performing P.A.S., that's where I'm at. P.A.S. kind of dictates its own rules. With L.B., it was easier to pinpoint what I didn't want in the music. On that basis I started to write. There's so much sonic choice these days—I like limiting that choice. It's knowing what you don't want to do, rather than what you do want. In some ways, I went back to the roots and my roots. For me, every track needs a story, and I think that can be overlooked these days in dance music. You collaborated with dub poet Benjamin Zephaniah and Function. How did these come about? Poetry's been something I dabbled in over the years and I get drawn to more alternative poets I suppose. You could say that John Cooper Clarke and indeed Benjamin Zephaniah are the most inspiring poets for me. Benjamin is a poet to be heard and I'm really pleased with the outcome of "I Have A Dream" whilst "Take a Ride" uses his voice in a bit more of a traditional dub groove sense. Moving back from the L.B. Dub territory into P.A.S. land via a gateway last track and having Function very kindly involved in that track worked well in that scenario and gave it reason.
    The album release party will take place at Berghain on Saturday, November 23rd. Slater will be joined by Rolando, Function, The Advent and Marcel Dettmann among others. Tracklist 01. Take A Ride feat. Benjamin Zephaniah 02. Nearly Africa 03. Ever And Forever 04. L.B's Dub 05. No Trouble In Paradise 06. I Have A Dream feat. Benjamin Zephaniah 07. Turner's House 08. Generation To Generation 09. Any Time Will Be OK 10. Roller feat. Function Ostgut Ton will release Unknown Origin on November 11th, 2013.