Vladislav Delay starts new label, Ripatti

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  • The Finnish producer has revealed details of the first five releases on his imprint.
  • Vladislav Delay starts new label, Ripatti image
  • Sasu Ripatti, AKA Vladislav Delay, will launch a new label in September. The vinyl-only imprint is named after the Finnish experimental producer's surname—Ripatti—and will mostly release his own solo material and a few collaborations. First up is an EP produced under the name Ripatti. "That will be my new club music project," he told RA. "It goes little bit all over the place stylistically but focuses on faster tempos, which is something I've been working on in recent years." The second will release will come from Heisenberg, a collaboration between Ripatti and Max Loderbauer. This will be followed by a Vladislav Delay EP and then a collaboration between Ripatti and Finnish producer Teeth, with further Ripatti and Heisenberg EPs also in the works. The tracklists for all releases on the label will be restricted to a hashtag and a number. Initially the label will release an EP around every six weeks, with exclusive distribution through Boomkat. "I'm seeing the label as something like a studio diary," Ripatti added. "It's a chance for me to follow progression over certain time, but also to build a coherent musical catalogue." Tracklist A #39 B #24 Ripatti will release Ripatti EP on September 16th, 2013.