FaltyDL launches Blueberry Records

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  • Drew Lustman's new label has EPs in the works from Brrd, Luke Vibert, Todd Osborn and Dego.
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  • FaltyDL will launch a new label called Blueberry Records in September. The Brooklyn producer, AKA Drew Lustman, has released music on plenty of different labels, from Planet Mu to Swamp81 to Ninja Tune, but this is the first time he's run his own imprint. The first release will come from newcomer Brrd, whose Towers/Anointing EP contains 13 tracks. "Brrd sent me a note, or a musical beacon in a very discreet small corner of the internet a few years ago," Lustman says. "I followed it until I found as many tracks of his as I could wrap my head around. Thirty tracks later and I have not had enough. Email correspondence and a few phone calls later we decided we needed to release these tunes when the time was right. That time is now and Blueberry Records in many ways has been set up to release his music on vinyl." Towers/Anointing will be followed by a second record by Brrd in October, which Lustman describes as two tracks of "fucking tough" dancehall. He also revealed that the label has further EPs in store from Luke Vibert, Todd Osborn and Dego. To get a feel for the sound of Blueberry Records, you can listen to snippets of "Anointing" and "Embrace!" over at the label's SoundCloud page. Tracklist A1 Embrace! A2 SCOCJ2 A3 Freezetag A4 STDB A5 Fuck Bon Jovi (SLF) A6 The Academy Pt 1 B1 Anointing B2 Wake Up and I'm 45 B3 Youth Group B4 Erase My Future B5 Satan B6 Blood Oath 2 B7 When I Get To The Pearly Gates Saint Peter Will Sing Me This Song Blueberry Records will release Towers/Anointing in September 2013.