Ital and Hieroglyphic Being are Interplanetary Prophets

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  • The American producers have teamed up for an EP on Planet Mu, set for release this July.
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  • Ital and Hieroglyphic Being have an EP on the way on Planet Mu under the name Interplanetary Prophets. The American producers, both known for their idiosyncratic and experimental approaches to house and techno, first teamed up for a performance at Unsound in Krakow last year under the Interplanetary Prophets moniker. The duo reconvened in the studio earlier this year, and this EP, Zero Hour, is the fruit of that session. They've boiled it down into three tracks, and from the sound of it, they're covering a lot of stylistic ground. Expect everything from electronic post-punk textures a la Ike Yard to what the press materials describe as "deep space voyaging." Tracklist 01. Burning Chrome 02. Zero Hour 03. Running Out Of Time Planet Mu will release Zero Hour on July 16th, 2013.