Robert Hood to release Floorplan album

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  • The Detroit veteran's side project will put out a full-length in July.
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  • Robert Hood will release his first album as Floorplan, Paradise, on July 1st. As with most previous Floorplan records, Paradise will see release through Hood's own M-Plant label. The album includes a number of previously released cuts, such as "Baby Baby" and "Let's Ride," alongside new tracks like "Above The Clouds" and "Change," with a press releasing suggesting it contains all the hallmarks of Floorplan material—house, funk, soul, gospel and a hint of techno. It's his fourth full-length release in four years, following 2010's Omega, 2011's Omega:Alive and last year's Motor: Nighttime World 3. Though Hood will forever be synonymous with tough, minimal Detroit techno, the Floorplan alias has long given him the opportunity to explore a funkier side. The side project was initially active from 1996 through 2002, before being put on hiatus. It then re-emerged in 2010 with the Rush Hour reissue of the first Floorplan EP, Funky Souls, and the Living It Up 12-inch. Since then there have been two more singles, Sanctified and Altered Ego, released in 2011 and 2012. Tracklist 01. Let's Ride 02. Baby Baby 03. Change 04. Altered Ego 05. Never Grow Old 06. Eclipse 07. Higher 08. Confess 09. Chord Principle 10. Above The Clouds M-Plant will release Paradise by Floorplan on July 1st, 2013.