Stellar OM Source presents Joy One Mile

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  • We speak to the synth-loving producer about her next album, which has been mixed and arranged by Kassem Mosse.
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  • Stellar OM Source will release her next album, Joy One Mile, through RVNG on June 10th. Christelle Gualdi has put out seven LPs in the past, with several self-released CDRs as well as appearances on avant-garde labels like Olde English Spelling Bee. Joy One Miles promises to showcase a new direction that was first hinted at with last year's Image Over Image 12-inch for Rush Hour's No Label series. That release featured four tracks of melodic, Detroit-inspired techno: a notable evolution from her earlier work, which was more experimental and generally beatless. Joy One Miles has been mixed and arranged by Gunnar Wendel, AKA Kassem Mosse. Gauldi revealed that the German producer was given "carte blanche" to add his touches to the album, which will see release through Matt Werth's RVNG imprint. It's the second time she's appeared on the label, following her remix of Harald Grosskopf as part of 2011's Synthesist/Re-Synthesist compilation. The LP will be preceded by a 12-inch single, Elite Excel, which will come out on May 14th, backed by a remix from Kassem Mosse. In the meantime, you can check out a video for "Elite Excel" below. We also caught up with Gualdi last week and asked her to shed some light on the new album:
    Your most recent 12-inch was quite different in some ways to your past work: there was a steady drum pattern and a Detroit techno vibe. Does the new LP continue in this direction? Yes, as the tracks were recorded around the same time. One track has vocals, which is something new. Whereabouts did you record the album? In my studio with a view on my garden. It was spring and summer. Everything felt so fresh and nice. Kassem Mosse has arranged and mixed the album. How did this come about? What was the process like? I needed to take some distance from my music, to hear if the tracks were coherent enough to form an album. I felt often that they were too baroque, probably due to being too attached to some of the sounds. I thought the way to solve it would be to involve a genie who speaks the abstract language of music. Proposing this unique project to Kassem Mosse felt so right. I didn't want to interfere in his work and gave him carte blanche. I let the music find its way, let the essence of it reach him. I was entirely confident that it would work, and it did. How did you come to release it through RVNG? Drinks and talks in NYC. I've known about the label since Lovefingers' RVNG of the NRDS 12-inch. There's love, surprise and quality with every release. So unique, so good. I am so, so honoured to be part of the label. What else does 2013 hold in store? I took a break from producing anything and now I feel ready to tour with Joy One Mile, which is what I want to focus on.
    Tracklist 01. Polarity 02. Par Amour 03. The Range 04. Trackers 05. Elite Excel 06. Fascination 07. Natives/Most Answers Never Unveiled RVNG will release Joy One Mile by Stellar OM Source on June 10th, 2013.