Rem Koolhaus launches Peach

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  • The first release on the Turrbotax® resident's label features LA's Cromie & Sage Caswell, plus remixes from Ghosts On Tape and Kyle Hall.
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  • Rem Koolhaus will launch a new label called Peach next month. Rem Koolhaus is Tim Saputo, a Brooklyn-based graphic designer, DJ and party promoter. Along with Contakt and a few of others, he started Turrbotax® in 2009. The party began as a showcase for bass music, but has since brought in all strains of party-oriented house and techno. Koolhaus will bring that sensibility to his new label. The first release features two originals from Los Angeles upstarts Cromie & Sage Caswell. Boat Party-er Kyle Hall and Icee Hot's Ghosts On Tape each turn in a remix, and the digital release contains one more from South African producer DJ Spoko. You can preview the tracks right now on Peach's SoundCloud. Tracklist 01. Vines 02. Pyrex 03. Vines (Kyle Hall Remix) 04. Pyrex (Ghosts On Tape Remix) 05. Vines (DJ Spoko Remix) Peach will release Vines / Pyrex on June 11th, 2013.