Boards of Canada return with Tomorrow's Harvest

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  • The Scottish duo will release their next album in June.
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  • Boards of Canada have announced their first album in eight years, due for release on June 10th. The details of Tomorrow's Harvest follow a week of frantic internet detective work. First, mysterious records showed up unannounced in stores on Record Store Day, and throughout the week intrepid users discovered hidden SoundCloud streams, YouTube videos and other clues. TV commercials were aired over the weekend, and then the LP suddenly appeared on web store Bleep on Monday evening. As with most of Edinburgh duo Mike Sandison and Marcus Eoin's catalogue since their landmark 1998 album Music Has The Right To Children, Tomorrow's Harvest will come through Warp Records. The 17-track album will be sold in CD, digital and double-LP formats. There's no word on what the material sounds like yet (aside from the clips that emerged in the past week) or when it dates from, but the tracks seem to be previously unreleased. The duo posted a lengthier video teaser to their YouTube channel following the announcement, which you can also view below. Tracklist 01. Gemini 02. Reach For The Dead 03. White Cyclosa 04. Jacquard Causeway 05. Telepath 06. Cold Earth 07. Transmisiones Ferox 08. Sick Times 09. Collapse 10. Palace Posy 11. Split Your Infinities 12. Uritual 13. Nothing Is Real 14. Sundown 15. New Seeds 16. Come To Dust 17. Semena Mertvykh
    Warp Records will release Tomorrow's Harvest on June 10th, 2013.