Matias Aguayo is The Visitor

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  • The Chilean producer will release his third album through Cómeme in June.
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  • Matias Aguayo's third album, The Visitor, will come out through Cómeme on June 24th. Born in Chile, Aguayo moved to Cologne in the '90s and developed a close relationship with the German city's most famous electronic music institution, Kompakt (his two previous albums, 2005's Are You Really Lost ?and 2009's Ay Ay Ay, both came out on the label.) The Visitor will see release on his own label, Cómeme, an outlet generally focused on showcasing South and Central American talent. "As a travelling musician, and throughout my whole life, I have been a visitor," Aguayo explains. The album certainly has a cosmopolitan makeup: it was recorded over a five-year period in locations across the globe, including Argentina, Mexico, Colombia, France and Germany. The Visitor is heavy on collaborations, with Cómeme regulars Philipp Gorbachev, Ana Helder, Daniel Maloso, Alejandro Paz all contributing in some way. There are a number of guest vocalists too, while percussionist Luis Miguel 'Cucharita' Jaramillo was also involved. Scott Monteith, AKA Deadbeat, is credited with mixing the album. Aguayo says: "Music is about dialogue and communicating on other levels, that's why it is more fun and more challenging to involve people in the process, and learn from one another." For an idea of what to expect, you can stream album track "El Sucu Tucu" over on the Cómeme SoundCloud page. Tracklist 01. RRRR 02. Dear Inspector 03. By The Graveyard 04. Llegó El Don 05. Una Fiesta Diferente 06. El Sucu Tucu 07. Aonde 08. El Camaron 09. Do You Wanna Work 10. Levantate Diegors 11. Las Cruces 12. A Certain Spirit Cómeme will release The Visitor by Matias Aguayo on June 24th, 2013.