Ryan Elliott makes his Australian debut

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    Tue, 30 Apr 2013, 23:00
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  • The Ostgut Ton artist will play shows in Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney this month.
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  • Detroit jock Ryan Elliott is set to play his first Australian gigs this May. Holding down residencies at both Berghain and Panorama Bar, Elliott has been affiliated with the club's Ostgut Ton imprint for a number of years, releasing his debut single and mixing a five year retrospective cassette for the Berlin label. The American has since released a pair of collaborative 12-inches with Italian duo The Analogue Cops, as well as a second solo offering on Spectral Sounds, the imprint he's been representing on the DJ front for the best part of a decade. Elliot's maiden voyage down to Australia will consist of three shows, starting with a set at Brown Alley in Melbourne on May 10th. From there he heads to Adelaide on the 11th to play a Smoke Gere night at Sugar, also featuring Francis Inferno Orchestra playing under his Deepthroat alias as well as Untzz Twelve Inches, before flying up to Sydney on Sunday the 12th for S.A.S.H at the Abercrombie Hotel which kicks off at 2 PM and runs right through until 3 AM.