Public Information readies F.C. Judd Interpretations

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  • Perc, Ekoplekz and Bandshell will all feature on the UK label's latest compilation, due out in May.
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  • Public Information will release a compilation of interpretations of early electronic music pioneer F.C. Judd. Like his contemporaries of the post-war era (such as Daphne Oram, Delia Derbyshire and John Baker), Judd was a devoted amateur enthusiast, and one of the earliest advocates of electronic music in Britain. He recorded sound effects, built his own sythesizer and authored several books. Interpretations On F.C. Judd sees 12 artists reinvent Judd's early experiments, including Perc, Chris Carter, Holly Herndon, Pye Corner Audio, Leyland Kirby, Bandshell, Ekoplekz and Editions Mego man Peter Rehberg. It follows on from Public Information's 2012 compilation Electronics Without Tears, which extensively showcased Judd's early sonic experiments. "We gave [the artists] Fred's entire archive of sounds, tone experiments, field recordings and lectures and left it up them to produce an audio artefact befitting of Judd himself," the label explains. In its short history Public Information has displayed an affinity for library and archival music—a fact that's unsurprising considering label co-chief Alex Wilson works at the British Library as a sound archivist. In addition to Electronics Without Tears, last year they also put out a compilation of obscure Canadian library music called Tomorrow's Achievements-Parry Music Library 1976-86. For an idea of what to expect from Interpretations On F.C. Judd, you can stream Chris Carter's version of "Flip-Flop" over at Soundcloud. Tracklist 01. Ian Helliwell – Solid States 02. Perc – Woodford 03. Chris Carter – Flip-Flop 04. Holly Herndon – Control Sample 05. Mordant Music – Hoarded House (reMMix Fredit) 06. The Boats – Space Judder 07. Pye Corner Audio – Splice Block 08. Leyland Kirby – Slim Jim Wimshurst Mechanicals 09. Karen Gwyer – Judd Drums 10. Peter Rehberg – FJUDDmix 032013 11. Bandshell – Concrete Teeth 12. Ekoplekz – Fredwrek Public Information will release Interpretations On F.C. Judd on May 20th, 2013.