M-nus launch minMAX

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  • The compilation will feature exclusive new material from Mathew Jonson, Gaiser and Heartthrob.
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  • M-nus will release a compilation called minMAX in May. minMAX is the first instalment in a new series to arrive on the techno imprint. The first disc of the double-CD compilation will be unmixed, featuring 12 new tracks from label affiliates old and new, including exclusive material from Mathew Jonson, Gaiser, Barem and Heartthrob. CD2 will incorporate these records and others into a mix, courtesy of Hobo. The stated aim of the series, which will also see release on vinyl and digital formats, is to bridge the gap between the sounds of classic M-nus and sister label PLUS 8. We spoke with label boss Richie Hawtin via email to find out more:
    Can you tell us about the concept behind the minMAX series? As other labels further split and fragment their identities and sounds by starting sub-division after sub-division, I thought it was time to bring my labels Plus 8 and Minus closer together. The resulting series of releases are an evolving exploration of where these two entities converge. In extremes "min" represents a further push into the world of subtraction where I have found so much inspiration over the past decade, while "MAX" continues to push an envelope in intensity and structure. MINUS "minMAX" better represents the varied styles and rhythms that you might find yourself entangled with while listening to one of my performances whose vibrations may entice you to move... and in those perfectly synchronous moments, dance! minMAX pushes and pulls everything that we find in-between. The name recalls the Min2Max compilation of 2007. What is the relationship there? It's very important for me to make sure there's continuity between all of my projects. Minus couldn't have come without the Plus (8) before it, where myself and many other artists had the time to develop their sounds, techniques and even career objectives. You also cannot escape your past (not that I would want to), however you can use it to reaffirm certain ideas that you continue to find challenging and allow it to inspire renewed energy and attention to what comes next. You put a lot of time and effort into making Minus a unique and viable brand. What inspired you to bridge the gap between Minus and PLUS 8? It's just a further step in understanding ones direction, streamlining and focusing on what really needs to be focused on. Perhaps you might call it "minimizing."
    Tracklist CD1 01. Mathew Jonson - Metropolis 02. Heartthrob - Y2k2u 03. Tripmastaz - Tyree Min 04. Etapp Kyle - Yuma 05. 4Yo4U - Daily Faces 06. Gaiser - Trashbend 07. Jonni Darkko - Close 08. Justin James - Song So True 09. Joran Van Pol - Faded 10. Mitsuo Nakazato - Drive 11. Julian Jeweil - Yoko 12. Barem - Limbus CD2 1. Pots Of Gold - Rainbows 2. Joran Van Pol - Faded 3. Dandi & Ugo - Alternative Way 4. 4Yo4U - Daily Faces 5. Julian Jeweil - Yoko 6. Gaiser - Trashbend 7. Mitsuo Nakazato - Drive 8. Tripmastaz - Tyree 9. Hobo - Incise 10. Jonni Darkko - Close 11. Matador - 51 Mexicans 12. Etapp Kyle - Yuma 13. Barem - Limbus 14. Nsound - Loe 15. Theorem - Formulate M-nus will release minMAX on May 24th, 2013.