Luke Solomon readies Timelines

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  • The Classic Music co-chief will release an album of original material and remixes in May.
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  • Luke Solomon has announced details of his next album, Timelines, due out in May. The album will arrive just six months after the house producer's most recent full-length, A Minor Digital Experiment, released under his Digital Kid alias. As with that release, Timelines will come out through the Classic label Solomon runs with Derrick Carter. The 18-track package features collaborations with Jon Marsh, Natalie Broomes, Richard Walters, Terry Grant and Tiger Tiger, as well as remixes from the likes of Ewan Pearson and Mark E, and a mixed version of the album. Solomon says the album is something he's been "making and remaking" since 2008's The Difference Engine, the last album produced under his own name. "The idea was to make the album part of a trilogy, this one being representative of my more Balearic roots," he said. "The original version that was completed fell on deaf ears quite considerably and it became a bit of a sticking point for me. I decided to put it to one side and in the process started working on some other music, which in turn, helped me stumble across a new sound and production technique. The initial idea was to work on a series of songs that represented significant points in my life. It then became more relevant to the six years of writing and producing the album. A lot of shit happened, and I was able to pour it into finally completing the album." Tracklist 01. Say Something (People Stamp Your Feet) 02. Sinners Blood (edit) 03. Not Coming Home (Part One) 04. Let's Bleed, Let's All Bleed Together (edit) 05. Heading For A Breakdown (edit) 06. We Go 07. Interceptor 08. Hey Giorgio 09. You Rest Easy 10. Gods and Monsters 11. Destruction (Moon, Stars, Venus and Mars) 12. We're Floating In Space 13. Lonely Dancer (Dance Away The Pain) (Ewan Pearson Into The Night remix) 14. Gods and Monsters (Waifs & Strays remix) 15. We Go (Osamu & Hiromat remix) 16. Sinners Blood (Crooked Blood instrumental) 17. Interceptor (Mark E remix) 18. Timelines (bonus mix) Classic will release Luke Solomon's Timelines on May 13th, 2013.