Mika Vainio returns with Kilo

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  • The experimental producer will release his next album in May.
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  • Mika Vainio has a new album due out in May called Kilo. As FACT report, the record is being billed as a beat-driven follow-up to 2011's Life (…It Eats You Up) LP for Editions Mego. Recorded in the Pan Sonic member's Berlin studio, Kilo will come out on Blast First Petite, which has a relationship with Vainio stretching back some 20 years (its parent label, Blast First, put out Pan Sonic's first album back in '95). The producer also has a remix of occasional Blast First Petite label-mates HTRK—specifically "Poison," from their 2011 album Work (Work, Work)—on the way in the coming months. Tracklist 01. Cargo 02. Cranes 03. Load 04. Docks 05. Sub-Atlantic 06. Rust 07. Wreck 08. Scale 09. Freight 10. Weight Blast First Petite will release Kilo by Mika Vainio on May 6th, 2013.