Shifted is Covered In Sand

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  • The Berlin-based techno producer's latest project will debut in February.
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  • Shifted has announced a new moniker, Covered In Sand. This is the latest alias for the shadowy Berlin-based techno producer, who has also gone by the names Pacific Blue and delete_everything, among others. Like much of Shifted's work, the Covered in Sand material will explore the darker impulses of techno, but with a much greater emphasis on distortion and noise. The project's first releases will come through Mira, the label Shifted set up with Ventress for experimental techno. The Heaven's Gate Suicides 12-inch in February will be accompanied by an accompanying seven-inch, and these three tracks (plus Vatican Shadow remix) show the more beat-oriented side of the project. In March, Covered In Sand will appear on a full-length remix cassette of TVO's Red Night album on Broken20 from last year. One side of the tape will consist of four largely ambient reworks of the original album by Covered In Sand, while the other will hold five new TVO tracks. Tracklist MIRA 003 A Heaven's Gate Suicides B Heaven's Gate Suicides (Vatican Shadow Remix) MIRA003X A Russian Gold & Blood Diamonds B Pale Skin Red Night Variations 01. TVO - Outside The Brighton Church 02. TVO - Super 8 In Glasgow Tenement 03. TVO - Albert Hall Chess Boxing 04. TVO - Concrete and Steel, Peckham 05. TVO - The Male Is In Room 2, Stranraer 06. TVO - Ba'dan (Covered In Sand Interpretation) 07. TVO - Yass Waddah (Covered In Sand Interpretation) 08. TVO - Many Lifetimes (Covered In Sand Interpretation) 09. TVO - Naufana (Covered In Sand Interpretation) Mira will release MIRA003 and MIRA003X in February, while Broken20 will release Red Night Variations on March 11th.