Versalife has a Vantage Point

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  • Borris Bunnik will release his first album under the moniker in March.
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  • Boris Bunnik will release the first Versalife full-length, Vantage Point, on March 4th. Bunnik is perhaps best known for his robust techno productions as Conforce, but he operates under a multitude of other aliases, including Hexagon, Vernon Felicity and the dub techno-focused Silent Harbour. Versalife is the project the Dutchman reserves for his more electro-inspired material, with several 12-inches already on Clone's West Coast Series offshoot, the same label that will release Vantage Point. Although this is the debut Versalife album, it's by no means Bunnik's first full-length outing, with two Conforce LPs released in the past four years. Vantage Point's sound was reportedly inspired by "the horizons and emptiness" of Bunnik's homeland in Friesland, northern Holland. (The album will arrive in artwork from fellow Friesland native Robert Zandvliet.) The news arrives amid a prolific spell for Bunnik: he recently announced his own vinyl-only label, Transcendent, and has and four-track EP set to drop on Delsin later this month as Conforce. Tracklist 01. Subdomain 02. Sonic Signals 03. Recombinant Creations 04. Below The Horizon 05. Further Corrections 06. Normal Behavior 07. Emphasis 08. Implementation 09. Advancing Capabilities 10. Pessimism Clone West Coast Series will release Vantage Point on March 4th, 2013.