Scuba ends SUB:STANCE residency at Berghain

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  • The five-year series at the Berlin club will come to a close in July.
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  • Paul Rose, AKA Scuba, has announced he will end his SUB:STANCE residency at Berghain in July. Rose today spoke of bringing a “wonderful journey” to an end after five years of parties at the famed Berlin club. The Englishman launched the night with Paul Fowler in 2008 with a lineup that included Mala, Shackleton, Appleblim, Distance and T++. The sporadic residency maintained an adventurous booking policy that brought the sound of dubstep, and, later, bass music, within the walls of Berghain, a venue usually focussed on house and techno. The SUB:STANCE parties spawned a mix CD, released in 2010 on Ostgut Ton and mixed by Scuba himself. They soon spread beyond Berlin, with a New York residency launched in 2011 and other showcases held in cities around the world. There will be two more SUB:STANCE parties before Rose and Fowler call it quits: the penultimate show will take place on February 15th (Pearson Sound, D-Bridge, Pinch and Machinedrum have already been confirmed to play alongside Scuba), and the final event is scheduled for the series' fifth birthday in July. In a statement posted on the SUB:STANCE Facebook page today, Rose and Fowler admitted to being "nervous" before the first showcase in 2008. They added: "One of the things we agreed on when it became clear that the party was going to be a success was that we would quit while we were ahead. It's no exaggeration to say there have been some truly special nights and we never wanted to reach the stage where the vibe faded and lost it's shine. So after five years we have decided that now is the right time to bring SUB:STANCE to and end."