Space Dimension Controller says Welcome To Mikrosector-50

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  • We chat to Jack Hamill about his upcoming full-length for R&S Records, which will see release in March.
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  • Space Dimension Controller will release the Welcome To Mikrosector-50 album this March on R&S Records. Recorded at his home studio in Belfast, the young producer's new LP is a very cinematic and story-driven affair. In his own words: "It follows the story of Mr. 8040 and his return to the future and his home planet Mikrosector-50. He discovers something when he returns and goes through a sort of personal journey." Real name Jack Hamill, Space Dimension Controller has previously released a number of extended EPs and mini-albums, although Welcome To Mikrosector-50 is being billed as the producer’s first full length proper. He first presented his singular brand of sci-fi-inspired disco in 2009 with the digital-only Unidentified Flying Oscillator release on Acroplane Recordings. The following year he was snapped up by Dutch imprint Clone for an EP on their Royal Oak series, before debuting on R&S with the Temporary Thrillz EP. He followed that up in 2011 with a second offering on the Belgian imprint, The Pathway To Tiraquon6, a mini-album described as a prequel to Welcome To Mikrosector-50. Chatting via email this week, Hamill gave us some more background on Welcome To Mikrosector-50:
    Were there any artists or records that had a particularly strong influence on this record? Musically, it would be a variety of 80's electro and disco sort of things along with some housey and techno bits. I can't really name any certain artists, just the mess of 80's/IDM/Techno/Ambient/etc that's inside my head. Boards Of Canada would be a major influence on the seamless album thing, but you won't hear much of an influence from them in the music. The main influence would be films and TV shows more than anything. Things like Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Star Wars, John Carpenter movies (I can add his music as an influence too, obviously), Time Masters, Captain Planet, the list could go on for a while probably if I didn't have a headache from a gig last night. While certainly different from your past releases, this album shares a certain mood and style with Temporary Thrillz—a bit retro, a bit tongue-in-cheek. What do you think draws you to this sound? I just don't see the point in being too serious about yourself. I take producing the music seriously, but I want it to be fun too. I can't stand music that is serious and moody all the time. What's next for you? The album coming out, I've been waiting a long time for that. I'll need to start writing the sequel later in the year, depending whether or not this one flops at the box office.
    Tracklist 01. Feature Presentation 02. 2357 A.D. 03. Mr. 8040's Introduction -- (Mikrosector-50, Mankind's New Home) 04. Welcome to Mikrosector-50 -- (Home to Emptiness) 05. Confusion on the Armament Moon -- (Answers From Max) 06. When Your Love Feels Like It's Fading 07. A Lonely Flight To EroDru-10 -- (Arrival on EroDru-10) 08. You Can't Have My Love -- (Chance Diversion) 09. Rising -- (An Unwelcome Temptation) 10. Quadraskank Interlude -- (Return to the Love Quadrant) 11. The Love Quadrant -- (The Future Is Not For Me) 12. Back Through Time With A Mission Of Groove 13. Closing Titles -- (Who's Closing In On Gaia?) R&S will release Welcome To Mikrosector-50 on March 4th, 2013.