Jennifer Cardini compiles Correspondant

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  • The Parisian DJ collects tracks from Daniel Avery, Rework and The Hacker among others on her label's first compilation.
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  • Jennifer Cardini has put together the first compilation for her record label, Correspondant. Cardini is a fixture of Paris's club scene, and a longtime resident at one of the city's most respected venues: Rex Club. She launched Correspondant in 2011 (naming it after her residency at Rex) and since then has put out 10 EPs by a varied cast of artists, from French electro veteran The Hacker to German producer Roman Flügel. Correspondant Compilation 01 presents a batch of unreleased tracks by new and old members of the Correspondant family, including Cardini herself, Rework and Cómeme artists Daniel Maloso and Philipp Gorbachev. Daniel Avery appears with Justin Robertson, AKA The Deadstock 33S. The collection is due out digitally and on CD in March, with two extra tracks on the digital version. Tracklist 01. Jimi After - The Dedicated 02. Darabi - Pistolero 03. Daniel Avery & The Deadstock 33S - Tunnel 04. Cora Novoa - The Sphinx 05. Pulp Disco & The Outcasts - Over Midnight 06. Clement Meyer - Hi Tek Snuff 07. Javi Redondo - Cave of Gold 08. The Hacker - Enter 09. Barnt & Philipp Gorbachev - Difcovered Atoman 10. Daniel Maloso & Philipp Gorbachev - Like a Vampire 11. Rework - Heavy Handed 12. Nhar - Thelema 13. Jennifer Cardini - Venom 14. Tomas More - Decency (Digital Only) 15. Offset - IRM (Digital Only) Correspondant will release Correspondant Compilation 01 on March 18th, 2013.