fabric launches new label, Houndstooth

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  • Rob Booth of Electronic Explorations is running the London club's new imprint.
  • fabric launches new label, Houndstooth image
  • fabric will launch a new record label in early 2013 called Houndstooth. While Fabric Records releases the London club's iconic mix series—fabric and Fabriclive—Houndstooth will operate more like a conventional record label, putting "artist-led" albums, singles and EPs. The imprint is run by the same people as Fabric Records, plus Rob Booth of Electronic Explorations, who will handle A&R. Speaking to FACT, Booth explained the project this way: "Whilst Houndstooth will also release electronic music and reflect the musical ethos of fabric, it's got a lot more of a license to operate beyond the realms of the dancefloor... We're keen to let people know that even though Houndstooth is tied to fabric, it's a new venture with a very different focus." As for the meaning of the label name, he says: "I'm sure you can work it out." The first release on Houndstooth is called The Present Tense from Berlin-based artist Call Super. Booth has confirmed future releases by "Akkord, House of Black Lanterns (the new project from King Cannibal), Al Tourettes and _Unsubscribe_." Houndstooth will release The Present Tense in February 2013.