Derek Piotr preps Raj

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  • The Polish producer's third album will come out in February.
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  • Derek Piotr will release Raj in February. Piotr is a Polish-born composer and producer who specializes in meshing the acoustic with the electronic. His third album follows last year's Airing, which was a tribute to early electroacoustic composers. The title has a dual translation, meaning "kingdom" in Hindi and "paradise" in his native Polish. His "most aggressive and distorted yet," Raj features plenty of static and harsh frequencies, along with his own jagged vocal cutups. The LP was recorded entirely by Piotr himself in various settings, including St. Peter's Cathedral, and was mastered by AGF at Vladislav Delay's Shark Reef Studio. Unlike his last two albums which were released on Bitsquare, Raj will be a self-released affair. Tracklist 01. Spine 02. Amendola 03. Grave 04. Karakum 05. Defilada (Clubhook) 06. Hutan 07. Deforester 08. Open 09. Sand Defacing All Surfaces 10. Flow Through Light Derek Piotr will self-release Raj in February 2013.