Alex Smoke is Wraetlic

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  • The Scottish techno artist takes a new tack on his next LP, due out on Convex Industries in February.
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  • Alex Menzies, better known as Alex Smoke, will release a new album in February under a new name, Wraetlic. The Scottish DJ and producer has always had a moody edge to his music, but his new LP shows him getting more introspective than ever before. The self-titled album is a more stylistically open-ended affair than many of his past records, with IDM-inspired beats and his own broody vocals. Much of the record is fueled by his own discontents, from personal issues to political ones. It follows a brief dry spell for Menzies. "The last couple of years have been annoyingly marred by health issues," he says. "I couldn't work nearly as much as I'd normally like. I had composed Faust but had then had a long time not being able to write much, so when I could work again I suddenly felt a new lease of life, a feeling which I hadn't had since my early days. I think the time away from working probably did me good in hindsight.” Wraetlic will come out on Jon Convex's label, Convex Industries. In addition to 11 original tracks from Menzies, it includes remixes from Scuba (as SCB), Jon Convex and his Autonomic partner, D-Bridge. Tracklist 01. Anothering 02. Scunner 03. PintleGrist 04. There Without 05. Refrain 06. Skinflint 07. Hymn To the Departed 08. The Dearth 09. Better The Devil 10. Rats 11. The Watchful Eye 12. Scunner (Jon Convex's Deconstructed Mix) 13. Better The Devil (DBridge's Advocate Mix) 14. Rats (SCB Edit) Convex Industries will release Wraetlic on February 4th, 2013.