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  • The Bristol label will release its first compilation in December.
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  • Deca Rhythm will release its first compilation, Time Capsule, on December 10th. The label was founded in Bristol back in 2009 by West Country locals Bloodman, Orphan101 and Headhunter. In keeping with the style of its founders, the imprint has been restless in terms of genre, touching on grime, dubstep and techno while reflecting the sort of anything-goes outlook of recent UK bass music. Time Capsule is the label's first full-length release, and features all previously unreleased tracks from the Deca Rhythm stable, including Arkist, Genotype and Gatekeeper, as well as a handful of newer artists like Firejosé and BrukRode. The music here is largely centred around techno, with tempos ranging from 120 to 132 BPM. As usual with Deca Rhythm's releases, most of the artists hail from Bristol. Tracklist 01. Komonazmuk, KSP & Bloodman - Chisel People 02. BrukRode - Swarm 03. Judahh - Dubwize 04. Gatekeeper - Something Sleeps 05. Orphan101 - Eskimo Shuffle 06. Firejosé - Kavorka 07. The Black Soul Brigade - Nexon 08. Komonazmuk - Flashback 09. Bloodman - Clam Watch 10. Kamikaze Space Programme - Ohm 11. Orphan101 - Problems 12. Genotype - Anger Turned Creative 13. Arkist - All Good Things 14. Bloodman - Devil Dan Deca Rhythm will release Time Capsule on December 10th, 2012.