Eisenberg Audio readies Einklang

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  • The software synth, designed to emphasize intuition over the usual knob-tweaking, is being funded through an Indiegogo campaign.
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  • Einklang, a new software synth from Berlin developers Eisenberg Audio, is due on the market early next month. The instrument is a response to the complexity of many synthesizers, which its designers feel stands in the way of more natural and intuitive music-making. With only eight parameter controls, Einklang has certainly simplified its user interface. Something called Artificial Intelligence Studio Technology, though, makes this limited knob-tweaking more musical, with the controls tailored to the characteristics of individual sounds. Users can create highly customized instruments through "morphing," which allows up to three of its 510 "tone colors" to be blended by way of a unique triangle-shaped control on the right side of the synth. Eisenberg Audio is currently raising money for Einklang's development through the crowd-funding site Indiegogo. The campaign page has an in-depth description of the synth's features, plus a video demonstrating its sound and functionality. Eisenberg Audio will release Einklang in early December for a suggested retail price of 190 Euro.