Cocoon connects Dots & Pearls II

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  • Subb-an and Ambivalent feature on the second edition of the compilation series, due out this December.
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  • Cocoon Recordings will release the second installment of its Dots & Pearls series on December 3rd. Kicking off last year with a double 12-inch set showcasing tracks from tech house veterans both obscure and well-known, Dots & Pearls is the sort of cold-weather cousin to Cocoon's more expansive summer compilations. The formula for Dots & Pearls II is very much in line with last year's edition, even if a few more big names (Subb-an, Ambivalent, Martinez) slip into the tracklisting. In addition to the eight-track vinyl version, Cocoon will release the compilation digitally with four bonus tracks that didn't make it onto wax. Tracklist 01. Ilario Alicante & Todd Bodine – Modern Apocalypse 02. Subb-an feat. Jacob Phono – In The Night 03. Mark Reeve – Carry Me 04. Marco Effe – Jellied Eels 05. Danito & Agent! – Raw Symphony 06. Ambivalent – Iwato 07. Harvey McKay – First Strike From Mars 08. Sawlin – Posay 09. Martinez – Sequence Of Moments 10. Patrick Kunkel & Sascha Barth – The Gate 11. Ross Evana – Cheget 12. Fumihiro Hoshi & Tadac – Still Laughing Cocoon will release Dots & Pearls II on December 3rd, 2012.