DJ Stingray preps F.T.N.W.O

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  • Detroit's masked techno artist has a new LP due out in December.
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  • According to Juno Plus, Sharard Ingram will release a new double-LP as DJ Stingray in December called F.T.N.W.O. Ingram has long been an active member of Detroit's techno community. Since his early days he's released records as Urban Tribe, eventually teaming up with Carl Craig, Anthony 'Shake' Shakir and Kenny Dixon Jr. for his 2011 album under that name. He's also a longtime affiliate of Drexciya, having toured with them throughout the late '90s (he also released an EP with Gerald Donald earlier this year under the name NSRB-11). This influence is clear in his music as DJ Stingray, which is typically a more techno-driven answer to his housier work as Urban Tribe. F.T.N.W.O will come out on WéMè Records, the same label that released Aqua Team 2, his last LP as DJ Stingray. Tracklist A1 Civil Agenda A2 Dark Arts A3 Room Clearance B1 Denial Of Service B2 Interest Rate C1 No Knock C2 Lead From The Shadows C3 Reverse Engineering (Microthol & Stingray) D1 Image Search D2 Outsourced D3 Remote Viewing WéMè Records will release F.T.N.W.O in December 2012.