Prurient goes Through the Window

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  • Dominick Fernow, AKA Vatican Shadow, will release his next album in February on Blackest Ever Black.
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  • Dominick Fernow will release a new album as Prurient in February called Through The Window. Though many electronic fans know him through his more techno-influenced records as Vatican Shadow, Fernow has devoted most of his career to Prurient, an experimental project that's yielded well over 50 records since 1998. In the past Prurient has been about full-on noise—for a while his main instrument was mic feedback—but if this album sample is anything to go by, Through The Window hews closer to the experimental techno he's been making lately as Vatican Shadow. The album will see release via gloom connoisseurs Blackest Ever Black. Tracklist 01. Through the Window 02. Terracotta Spine 03. You Show Great Spirit Blackest Ever Black will release Through the Window in February 2012.