Ableton rolls out Live 9

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  • In addition to a host of new features, instruments and effects, the latest update to the DAW will be released alongside a new controller, Push.
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  • Ableton has unveiled the latest update to its Live digital audio workstation, as well as Push, a new dedicated controller. Live 9 both tinkers with and builds upon much of what's made it such a popular music creation engine amongst electronic producers. Ableton has revamped Live's automation options, adding curves and the ability to record automation into clips, amongst other innovations. As seen in a video that leaked to YouTube earlier this week, Live's stock eight-band EQ, compressor and gate have been tweaked, and a new analog-modeled bus compressor, the Glue, will be bundled with the new version. MIDI processing has been expanded, with some novel new options for converting audio into MIDI notes. The browser, where users choose instruments and effects, has also gotten a redesign. Users who purchase the Suite version of the software will find a number of other additions. Max for Live, an integrated version of Cycling 74's graphical programming language Max, is included, allowing users to make their own devices and use a handful of stock Max-driven devices like convolution reverb. The Suite also contains new instrument racks, including collections of breaks, orchestral instruments and retro synths. Push, to be released in conjunction with Live 9 (and which will only work with the new software), is Ableton's latest collaboration with Akai, makers of the popular Live-centric APC40 controller. Push is billed by Ableton as an "instrument" rather than just as a controller, and features 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads that can play notes, control a step sequencer and adjust loops. With rotary knobs, a display and buttons corresponding to software functions, it provides a good deal of mouse-free control over the music. The video below should give you an idea of Push's functionality.
    Full details of Live 9's pricing and availability are TBC.