Derrick May and Jimmy Edgar compile We Love Detroit

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  • Due out this December on We Love Recordings, the two-disc collection bring together two different generations of Detroit.
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  • Derrick May and Jimmy Edgar have put together a compilation called We Love Detroit, due for release in December on We Love Recordings. May and Edgar represent two very different generations of Detroit electronic music. May became a key part of the movement's first wave in the '80s, helping to forge its steely sound both on his own and with Juan Atkins and Kevin Saunderson (the other two members of the so-called Belleville Three). Edgar didn't show up until nearly 20 years later, and when he did he broke with the tradition sounds of his predecessors, going instead for something more flamboyant and pop-influenced. We Love Detroit shows where both artists are at now. May combines techno classics from John Beltran and Carl Craig with newer cuts from the likes of KiNK and Petar Dundov, while also nodding to new school Detroit producers like Kai Alce and Andres. Edgar's half is more contemporary, highlighting artists like fellow Hotflush artist landokal" data-artist-news-link="true">Lando Kal and 100% Silk's Magic Tour. He pays homage to his hometown as well, with tracks from Magda, Kyle Hall and Kris Wadsworth. Tracklist CD1: Chosen by Derrick May 01. John Beltran – Synaptic Transmission 02. Yotam Avni – Pentimento 03. Petar Dundov – Distant Shores 04. KiNK – Hand Made (Dub mix) 05. Kai Alce – Power Thru Pt 3 (Mush’s Sax Dub) 06. Deep’A & Biri – Hova 07. Carl Craig – Sandstorms 08. Federico Grazzini – Nova 09. Benny Rodrigues – It’s A Spiritual Thing 10. Andres – New For U CD2: Chosen by Jimmy Edgar 01. Jimmy Edgar – Let Yrself Be 02. Lando Kal – Clockin’ 03. Jimmy Edgar – Semierotic 04. Magda – Late Night Woodward 05. Kyle Hall & Kero- Zug Island 06. Coyote Clean Up – Mount Babe Bricks 07. Noel Jackson – That You Love Me 08. Darling Farah – Body 09. Magic Touch feat. N Dawson – Niks Groove 10. Kris Wadsworth – Connection 11. Axiom Crux – When Summer Doesn’t Come We Love Recordings will release We Love Detroit on December 3rd, 2012.