Kidkanevil and Daisuke Tanabe are Kidsuke

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  • Project: Mooncircle will release the duo's first collaborative LP in November.
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  • UK producer Kidkanevil has teamed up with Japan's Daisuke Tanabe for a collaborative album due out in November, fittingly titled Kidsuke. Though Kidkanevil tends to lean a bit more on hip-hop than Tanabe, both artists are cut from the same cloth: syncopated, glitchy and spaced out music that falls somewhere between old school IDM and LA's beat scene. Kidsuke is their first official collaboration, and it shows both artists at their most reflective (listen to this 14-minute medley for an idea of what to expect). The album is coming out on Project: Mooncircle, the label arm of the Berlin record and street wear shop HHV. It will be available digitally and on colored vinyl. Tracklist 01. IntroOoOoO 02. Nanotrees (Out In The Woods) 03. Frogs In A Well 04. School Chimes 05. SGstep 06. MoOoOoOn 07. Sine Flowers 08. Ghost Boy 09. Tiny Concrete Block 10. The Other Day We Thought of Our Friends 11. Cherry Chimes 12. Ghostgiril 13. Harmonics Pt1 14. Harmonics Pt2 15. Super Deformed 16. The Last Train Project: Mooncircle will release Kidsuke on November 5th, 2012.