Benjamin Brunn preps A Sun Life

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  • Third Ear will release the Nord Modular maestro's next LP in November.
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  • Benjamin Brunn will release his next album, A Sun Life, this November on Third Ear. Many people know Brunn from his 2008 album with Move D, Songs From the Beehive (which received a glowing response here on RA back when it was released). An engineer specializing in fluid dynamics by day, he spends much of his free time mastering his instrument of choice, the Nord Modular synth, which dominates most of his records (paired with a Roland TR 707). According to a press release, A Sun Life shows him further perfecting his lush and melodic signature sound. It wasn't originally conceived as a singular work—rather, it's a collection of tracks Brunn sent to Third Ear over a two year period. It arrives less than a year after his last long player, Colour Tracks. Tracklist 01. A Sun Life 02. May B 03. Wheels Without Brakes 04. U Teach Us 05. Hart To Hart_ 06. The Way She Giggled 07. Pankow Memories 08. ISS 09. Nash 10. Papanin 11. Sun Third Ear will release A Sun Life on November 19th, 2012.