Jus-Ed is 50ty & Lookin Good

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  • A new full-length from the Underground Quality boss is currently available through the label's website.
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  • The latest full-length from Underground Quality boss Jus-Ed is called 50ty & Lookin' Good. Edward McKeithen has always been prolific, but these days he's really on a roll; 50ty & Lookin' Good is his second album this year, after Presents: Endurance, which came out on CD and as a two-part 12-inch series (he released two albums last year too: Vision Dance and Left Groove, a collaboration with his wife, Jenifa Mayanja). As usual, he's releasing the new album through his own label as a digital download or a CD with minimal packaging (no word yet on a vinyl release). All of the songs are previously unreleased. 50ty & Lookin Good is available now through the Underground Quality website and will be widely released on September 10th. Tracklist 01. Marylandjam DTP 02. Project 45 03. The Favor 04. All I Want To Do (part 2) 05. PJ-255 06. Becky's Jam 07. OHMY 08. Techno Dance 09. All I Want To Do 10. PJT-GV255 Lazy Boy 11. Project #14 WMC Underground Quality will release 50ty & Lookin Good on September 10th, 2012.
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