NHK'Koyxen releases more Dance Classics

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  • PAN will release the next installment of the Japanese artist's "dance oriented material" (a very relative description).
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  • This Friday, PAN will release Dance Classics Vol.II, the next installment of "dance oriented material" by the Japanese artist Kouhei Matsunaga. Matsunaga has a long and rich history in experimental electronic music. He's released more than a dozen albums since the '90s, and has appeared on essential labels like Raster-Noton and the original incarnation of Mille Plateux. As of late he's been dabbling in more danceable fare (relatively speaking), occasionally performing with the rapper Sensational and making techno with the duo NHK. His most recent project is NHK'Koyxen (which combines two previous names, Koyxe? and NHKyx), a channel for outlandish hip-hop and techno excursions. Dance Classics Vol.II arrives eight months after the first edition. In typical PAN style, it will be released digitally and on vinyl with a "pro-press color jacket which itself is housed in a silk screened pvc sleeve with artwork by Kathryn Politis and Bill Kouligas." That's the official video for the second track, "703", below. You can stream that same song right here. Tracklist 01. 367 02. 703 03. 112 04. 670 05. 747 06. 611 07. 45 08. 101 09. 601 PAN will release Dance Classics Vol.II on November 2nd, 2012.