Kid 606 gets Lost in the Game

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  • A melodic LP from Miguel De Pedro is due for release in September.
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  • Miguel De Pedro, better known as Kid 606, is ready to release a new album called Lost in the Game. The Venezuelan producer (now based in Berlin) has gone through many metamorphoses over the years, but more often than not has pushed a sound that's hard, chaotic and breakbeat-influenced. Lost in the Game shows him taking it down a notch, playing with more soothing hip-hop rhythms, shoegaze-style textures and somber melodies. That said, he certainly hasn't lost his oddball touch, as the track titles make clear. These include "Big Black Ketamine Jesus," "Godspeed You African American Emperor," "I Want To Join a Cult" and "I Need to Start a Cult," though "Night Club vs Book Club" might be the one that best captures the mood of the album. Lost in the Game is out in September via De Pedro's own label, Tigerbeat6. Tracklist 01. Godspeed You African American Emperor 02. Gimme Summer 03. New Boss Same as Old Boss 04. Cardamom’s Gone Soft 05. I Want to Join a Cult 06. Meeguk so Horny 07. Big Black Ketamine Jesus 08. Step Into the Light You Fucking Idiot 09. Left Hand Pathfinder 10. Night Club vs. Book Club 11. Baroque and Out of Money 12. I Need to Start a Cult 13. I’m Sick but I Ain’t Dead Tigerbeat6 will release Lost in the Game on September 18th, 2012.