Markus Schatz gets Smokin' Wild

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  • The Berlin producer will release his debut album in September.
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  • Markus Schatz will release his first album Smokin' Wild in September. Schatz is a Berlin-based producer known for a deep and jazzy brand of tech house, releasing on labels like Highgrade and Cargo Edition since 2008, collaborating with Thomas Haerter, Lars Wickinger and Moritz Piske along the way. Parisian Salon Records, which previously put out Schatz' Boo Bop EP in 2010, will release Smokin' Wild, which sees Schatz continuing the jazz-inflected mood by adding live instruments to his tracks. Live piano, keyboards and vocals adorn the tracks, played by jazz musicians Khayum Kimaz, Florian Finis, and sung by Steve Young, respectively. The album will be released on both CD and vinyl, with a vinyl 12-inch sampler containing three tracks from the album arriving later this month. Tracklist 01. Deep X 02. Get the Groove On 03. Smokin' Wild 04. Double Bass 05. I Got the Soul 06. Weird Thing 07. Interlude 08. Don't Lose the Funk 09. Don't Believe the Hype 10. Irreversible 11. Wasuuup 12. Smokin' Outro Salon Records will release Smokin' Wild in September 2012.