Huxley mixes 1trax Three

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  • The UK producer's first mix CD is due for release in August.
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  • Huxley has mixed the third edition of 1trax's mix series, due for release in August. As Kristan J Caryl found out in this month's Breaking Through feature, Huxley is a young house producer whose sound has become increasingly garage-tinged over time, an evolution that began with records on Tsuba and Cecille Numbers and led most recently to the likes of Hypercolour, who released his most acclaimed record, Let It Go, earlier this year. With 1trax Three he continues on this tack, coursing through club-friendly house tracks with a bit of UK flair. The mix includes two of Huxley's own exclusive remixes: one of Shenoda's "Moments," the other of "Dazed" by Maya Jane Coles, both of which will be available on a 12-inch extraction due out shortly before the mix. Tracklist 01. Huxley & Sam Russo - Don't Undastand 02. Shenoda - Shots 03. Jordan Peak - Work 04. Shenoda - Moments (Huxley Remix) ?05. Joshua Iz & Diz - It Iz What it Iz (Luke Solomon Main Mix) 06. Maya Jane Coles - Dazed (Huxley Remix) 07. Nyra - Best Of 08. Gavin Herlihy - Get Loose 09. Huxley - Let It Go 10. AND.ID - Erotica 11. Baunz - 808s Pausetapes And Other Shit 12. Robert Owens - I'll be Your Friend (Dzeta n Basile Rmx) 13. Little Fritter & Zare - I Want it Back (Luna City Express Rmx)? 14. Nina Kraviz - Okain's Scream (Sebo K Rmx) 15. Mosca - Square One (Julio Bashmore Longhorn Remix) 16. 24Hour Experience feat. Lorraine Lowe - Give Me That Love (Groove Mix) 1trax will release 1trax Three on August 13th, 2012.