DJ Q opens The Archive

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  • The UK bassline producer has announced a collection of his past work for release this month.
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  • DJ Q will release an anthology called The Archive on his own Q Recordings this month. Though most of the attention surrounding the post-garage UK dance genres is usually turned towards grime and dubstep, another style emerged around the same time in Sheffield known as "bassline." Largely the same tempo as dubstep and grime, bassline has a hard-edged sound with wobbly LFO bassline and garage-style chopped vocals. One of its largest proponents over the years has been DJ Q, who since 2006 has held a regular slot on BBC Radio 1Xtra. Shollen Quarshie has had a number of releases over the years, most recently the Brandy + Coke EP on London label Local Action, and he's releasing an exhaustive collection of his past work on his own eponymous imprint. Going all the way back to 2003, The Archive seeks to chronicle the evolution of bassline through the lens of Q's own tracks, containing 25 of his previously-released works including bassline staples like "Tea Bag." Tracklist 01. The Intro 02. Back 2 Bassics 03. Fukt 04. Dirty 05. Inst-rue-mental 06. The Reasons 07. The Haven't Got A Chance 08. Shottas 09. Unit 50 10. Fat 11. Original Bad 12. Shuffle 13. Fear 14. Watching You 15. Afraid 16. Tea Bag 17. The Reasons Remix 18. Old Flex 19. Free Stevie 20. Rider 21. Shades 22. What To Do 23. Victory (Bonus Track) 24. Tea Bag Remix (Bonus Track) 25. You Got Me Remix (Bonus Track) Q Recordings will release The Archive in June 2012.