Leeor Brown and David Fisher are Young Adults

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  • The Friends of Friends-affiliated duo will start a new house label this month with a various artists EP.
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  • A new label called Young Adults will launch this month with an EP featuring Suzanne Kraft and others. Young Adults is the latest endeavor from LA's Leeor Brown, who heads up the Friends of Friends, former RA Label of the Month and home to artists like Shlohmo and Salva. The new imprint, founded in collaboration with David Fisher, who DJs as Deep Body and hosts a local radio show, will focus more on house and disco sounds, especially those coming from the United States. The first release, simply titled YA-001, will feature locals Suzanne Kraft (last seen on Running Back) and Urulu, plus a collaboration between Grown Folk and LOL Boys, and the Futureboogie-affiliated Dead Rose Music Company. All of the releases on the label will be pressed to vinyl with a digital release following about two months after. The duo have revealed a new mix in their series to celebrate the first EP. We spoke to label founders Brown and Fisher to discuss the new label:
    Your other label, Friends of Friends, is mostly associated with hip-hop and bass music. Where did your interest in house music start? David Fisher: Friends of Friends was created as a platform to cull beat-oriented sounds that were bubbling in the LA area and present them with a fresh spin on what a "record release" could be. It paid homage to our roots and looked forward to future developments in the electronic scene. Coming up, to think that underground hip-hop and downtempo would ever lead to a need for the 4x4 pulse was unfathomable and almost ludicrous. Now, that kick drum is what we eat our breakfast to. Leeor Brown: Funny thing is, one of our most slept on releases, Friends of Friends Volume 2, with Larytta and Bauchamp, was really techno/house/pop-inspired. Those who got to know me through FoF's run of Ernest Gonzales, Shlohmo and Salva releases might be thrown off, but I've been spinning house vinyl with David for years so it's really no surprise to anyone who knows us. FoF was never about genres really, and will keep growing in weird directions forever. Young Adults is our ode to the dancefloor. Any style for any hour. Will Young Adults be a strictly house label, and what kind of stuff do you have lined up in the future? DF: Nothing is strict with YA; in fact its creation was based upon the need to break away from genre, box-checking, and apprehension altogether. We're just following our collective gut in search of all things Body Music. As a follow up to the sampler EP, we're super juiced to have a killer Suzanne Kraft 12-inch waiting in the wings, with the artwork being handled by our good friend Oliver Kish. Look for that later this summer with remixes to follow. LB: Don't sleep on Lil' Suzie, that's all I can say. How do you feel about so many formerly dubstep-and-whatever producers jumping onto house? Do you feel like it's a bandwagon thing, and what makes Young Adults different? DF: We're not really too concerned with that honestly, as long as its emotive music, just trying to tap into some raw energy that's suitable for both headphone and floor-based settings. LB: Yeah, I don't even know really. I feel like people spend too much time defining things and not experiencing them. Just check out what we do and hopefully you dig. What release formats will you be using for Young Adults? DF: We are forever indebted to vinyl (both figuratively and literally), so the plan for now is wax platters with a staggered (six-to-eight weeks later) digital release. It's inevitable to adapt to the new developments in format, but we still want to offer an incentive-based reward to the true turntable fiends. What's the house scene like in LA? Is it healthy from what you can see? DF: As LA natives, we know that it's a land of pockets: everything is scattered, disjointed and generally detached. Once in a while, the stars align and a crowd becomes one under the disco ball. We're trying to help facilitate those moments.
    Tracklist A1 Suzanne Kraft - Jus U A2 The Dead Rose Music Company - Soothe My Mind B1 Urulu - Missing You B2 LOL Boys & Grown Folk - Ghostpath Young Adults will release YA-001 on June 19th, 2012.