Conforce is Silent Harbour

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  • The Dutch techno producer will debut a new alias with an album on Echocord in August.
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  • Boris Bunnik will release his first album as Silent Harbour this August. The Dutch producer has been making dub-influenced techno as Conforce for several years on labels like Delsin, Curle, and Rush Hour, and has also produced under the aliases Versalife, K2vx, Mi-24, and Vernon Felicity. Silent Harbour is a new project for Bunnik, meant to "explore more cerebral and conceptual sounds," and its first release will land on Danish dub techno label Echocord. The eponymous debut album has a conceptual focus on "isolation, deep-sea submersion, [and] aquatic environments," and shows Bunnik getting even more atmospheric and ambient than usual. Tracklisting 01. Aquatic Movement 02. Cascade 03. Scintillans In The Port 04. Geometry 05. Dock Operations 06. Metaphysical Storm 07. Profundal Storm 08. Saltwater Intrusion 09. Descending Radius Curve 10. Voices from the Deep Echocord will release Silent Harbour in August 2012.