Andrew Weatherall presents his Masterpiece

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  • The UK veteran will follow Francois K and Gilles Peterson in Ministry of Sound's mix series.
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  • Andrew Weatherall has mixed the next edition of Masterpiece, due for release in May. Weatherall is a natural choice for Masterpiece, Ministry Of Sound's ambitious, triple-disc mix series. He's spent decades at the heart of the UK club scene, from his early years writing for Boy's Own and DJing at Shoom to his current Thursday night residency with Sean Johnston, A Love From Outer Space. All the while he's kept his CV as eclectic as his taste in records, having done remixes and production work for Primal Scream, My Bloody Valentine, Bjork and Fuck Buttons to name just a few, while also spearheading a gaggle of collaborative projects, most notably The Sabres of Paradise and Two Lone Swordsmen. Masterpiece draws from many of these past experiences while keeping an eye on what Weatherall's up to these days. The mix is heavy on his own remixes (both new and old), and highlights many of his current friends and cohorts, like Soft Rocks and The Hardway Brothers. A handful of the 36 tracks come from hitherto unknown nu-disco projects, such as The Asphodells, Chida, Apiento and Craig Batley. Tracklist 01. The Asphodells - A Love from Outer Space 02. Grinderman - Heathen Child (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 03. Timothy J. Fairplay - Sleighride (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 04. The Asphodells - Lost Cities 05. Hardway Brothers - Mania's Theme (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 06. Kalidasa - Burstin' Through 07. Craig Batley - Birdshell 08. Apiento - The Orange Place 09. Chida - Danca'e 10. The Horrors - Wild Eyed (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 11. Wooden Shjips - Crossing (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 12. Walls - Into Our Midst 13. Timothy J.Fairplay - The Final Reel (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 14. Scott Fraser - A Life of Silence 15. Mario Vierra - Cosmic Matter 16. Kasper Bjorke - Man from Venice 17. Bonar Bradberry - You Were Away (Space Ranger Hypno Mix) 18. Rudy's Midnight Machine - Ecstatic Love Machine 19. Midnight Savari - Phantom Galaction 20. Tornado Wallace - Insect Overlords 21. Sons And Daughters - Orion (Emperor Machine Remix) 22. Cut Copy - Sun Gold (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 23. Bogdan Irkuk (AKA Bulgari) - My Weakness (Prins 24. Thomas Discomiks) 24. Copyshop - Lipps (Pete Herbert Dub) 25. Pacific Horizons - Stealing the Fire from Heaven 26. The Subs - Decontrol (Aquarius Heaven Remix) 27. Black Light Smoke - Switchback 28. Soft Rocks - Magic Mikk 29. Martin Brodin - Badabing (Diskjokke Remix) 30. Ajello - Crystal Babe 31. Name In Lights - Ur Oskunni 32. Brioski - Radio Anatomy (Emperor Machine Remix) 33. Toddla T - Watch Me Dance (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 34. Todd Terje - Ragyshe 35. Primal Scream - Uptown (Andrew Weatherall Remix) 36. A.R. Kane - A Love from Outer Space Ministry of Sound will release Masterpiece Created by Andrew Weatherall on April 23rd, 2012.