Jesse Rose and Oliver $ provide Sample Pleasures

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  • The duo will embark on a world tour this spring to support their new mixtape.
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  • Made To Play boss Jesse Rose and core artist Oliver $ have outlined a world tour to follow their upcoming free mixtape, Sample Pleasures. According to a press release, Sample Pleasures is a 40-minute medley of eight new tracks by Rose and Oliver $ that were made primarily out of samples from an '80s acapella compilation. The idea to release a free mix of new material was inspired by American hip-hop mixtapes, which Rose has been steadily consuming since he moved to LA last year. The upcoming tour includes parties across North America, Europe and Asia, with the two artists playing back-to-back at most dates. Chatting via email earlier this week, Rose told us a bit more about the mixtape and the tour:
    How's LA treating you? Very well thanks! It's a great place to retreat in-between touring. It's given me the space to finish my next solo album, start producing other artists and of course come up with the idea to do a mixtape. How did the idea of Sample Pleasures first come up? You mentioned that American hip-hop mixtapes were an inspiration. How so? I've been listening to loads of hip-hop mixtapes since I arrived, people like ASAP Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, the list goes on, and I just felt it would be great if we did the same thing, take an artist, remix and produce loads of original material and put it into a mix for our fans to download. It seems like everyone's lost in how not to lose money from people leaking music for free on the internet. Maybe taking the approach of giving something back to people will encourage them to support your music more. We've been giving away loads of music from our labels Made to Play and Play It Down, and the response has been amazing. The crazy thing with this mixtape is we thought we could do it in a week and it ended up taking three months! But we now have some amazing records to play in our sets so I reckon it was worth it. Your back-to-back sets seem to be the centerpiece of this tour. How would you describe your chemistry behind the decks? We've always been really close in terms of the music we like, Olli was the first person I signed to both Made to Play and Play It Down. We're also great friends so I guess it's all about respect and whenever we play together it just seems to really work. The tour really hits a lot of different scenes, from Miami to Hamburg to six dates across Asia. Where do you think your sound works best? To be honest, since the internet whereever we go in the world it seems like people know what's up. Miami will be great with all the crew out there, Europe is our stomping ground and Womb in Tokyo is like our second home. It's a really lucky position to be in. Not only are we able to play around the world but to also have a crowd of people all over the place the really dig what we do! I never take that for granted. What's next for Made to Play? I'm really excited about the Zombie Disco Squad album, Nat Self has gone in and produced an album that would be fit to have come out of Chicago or Detroit! Then we've got some great gems from those cheeky German chaps Filtertypen on Play it Down. New singles coming include Adam Port, Oliver $, an edit of Joe Goddard and loads more.
    Selections from Sample Pleasures will be available on vinyl later this year—details on that are still forthcoming. The mix itself will drop on Monday via the official Sample Pleasures website. In the meantime, there's mixtape teaser available now. Tracklist 01. Intro 02. Park My Car 03. Changes Them 04. Sample Pleasures 05. Come For Me Dub 06. I Want All 07. Walkie Talkie 08. Come For Me 09. The Worry Knots 10. Parked 11. Outro Sample Pleasures will be available as a free download on March 12th, 2012.