ASC & Sam KDC live in a Decayed Society

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  • The drum & bass producers will release their first collaboration on Auxiliary this month.
  • ASC & Sam KDC live in a Decayed Society image
  • ASC and Sam KDC will release their first album together on March 12th. The two drum & bass producers—San Diego's ASC and London's Sam KDC— are both known for their ambient approach to the genre, and last year the latter appeared on the former's Auxiliary label with Symbol #3. Their working relationship has sprouted a new collaboration, resulting in the Decayed Society album, an almost entirely beatless record that comes on the heels of ASC's solo ambient effort The Light That Burns Twice As Bright on Silent Season last year. Decayed Society is the first CD release on ASC's Auxiliary imprint. Tracklisting 01. Lost Negatives 02. Rebuilt From Nothing 03. Cesium 137 04. Block 4 05. Vapour Lock 06. Skala 07. No Safety Zone Auxiliary will release Decayed Society on March 12th.