Discovery moves to Brooklyn with Scott Grooves

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  • The popular New York City house night will move away from Manhattan's Santos Party House to Loreley in March.
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  • New York's Discovery will make a permanent venue change for their next party with Scott Grooves on March 10th. The party, which prides itself on being welcoming and musically open-minded will move from its long-established home at Manhattan's Santos Party House to a new location in Brooklyn called Loreley. Citing dissatisfaction with the changing crowd and atmosphere at Santos, the promoters hope that the new location will find a suitable new audience in Brooklyn with cheaper entry prices, cheaper drinks and a smaller venue capacity. The Discovery crew answered some questions over email to discuss the move:
    What exactly prompted the move? We've had a great run with Santos and feel lucky we got in there when we did—the basement of Santos is a fantastic room with a great sound system. We had previously been at Studio B which shut down (again) in the middle of 2009 and by chance ended up getting an opening at Santos. Not atypical to the New York nightclub lifecycle, the vision for the type of parties they wanted to curate was very much aligned with our goals. A lot of great parties have called Santos home for a bit: Mister Saturday Night, FIXED, Que Bajo, and quite a few others, and have all moved to other locations. We were actually the longest running party at the club. Drink prices have gone up significantly since we've been there, which has been a common complaint from our friends and guests. The club was working hard to bounce back from being shut down for a bit (which actually happened on the night of the Ninja Tune Anniversary). We know their overhead is pretty significant and we've seen a lot of changes take place to ensure they meet this. We started out with the goal of an "everyone's invited" intimate party, and this vibe has been more and more difficult to maintain at Santos. We also want the freedom to take bigger risks with booking—to get artists that we love on the bill, whether established veterans or up-and-comers. Why move from Manhattan to Brooklyn? We all live in Brooklyn and it's always been in the back of our minds that as soon as we found a good opportunity to move, we would. We're really excited to be able to walk to Discovery and that our friends can afford the drinks! With a smaller venue we have much more control over the experience our guests have, and our hope has always been for our night to be a great place to go dance, not just associated with whoever the headliner was that month. We recently started a label as well so that vision is even more important. Why did you choose this particular spot, and was it difficult finding a new spot in Brooklyn? Over the years we've probably gone on over thirty venue tours and brought music to check out the sound. Needless to say, we were never happy with what we heard. As most people know, most great parties in Brooklyn bring their own sound—there was in fact a recent thing with Four Tet complaining about sound at a Brooklyn venue and [he was] so amazed that so many clubs [in Brooklyn] sounded so bad. It's unfortunate, but sound seems to be the lowest priority for many of these places, and it's so crucial for a good dance night. A bad sound system is harsh and causes physical fatigue to listen to, where I can go dance for hours on end at Bunker or Mister Saturday Night because they've taken the time to tune a fantastic system to the room. A friend of ours started booking at this new spot and approached us about moving at just the right time. We knew we wanted to get back to that small, intimate, glorified house party feel and Loreley was perfect for it. It's a German beer garden during the day (yes, with big glasses and all), but they drop these metal gates over the windows and it's a nice room with large brick walls and really industrial chandeliers, feels more like a hidden spot you'd find in Berlin, and we loved it. We're going to be supplementing the sound for the first couple parties to make sure it's clean. Let's Play House and a few other nights are going to be there as well, so we look forward to working together a making it a more familiar destination. How do you feel about the scene/community in Brooklyn as opposed to Manhattan? Tough question—while there's some crossover, for what we're into, most of the nights we enjoy are in Brooklyn. In general it's cheaper, there's more space, and more afters... personally, we work in the city, but almost always dance in Brooklyn—It's where we can all get away with it.
    Tickets to Discover with Scott Grooves and Todd Sines are available here on RA.