V (Vakula) enters 13th District

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  • The Ukrainian producer has yet another album in the pipeline, this time on Nuearth Kitchen.
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  • Mikhaylo Vityk, better known as Vakula, will release an album under the name V this month called 13th District. It might seem like just yesterday that we were talking about the Ukrainian artist prepping a new album under a name other than Vakula. In fact it was three weeks ago. Although details on 13th District have only recently come to light, the album will come out a month before his record as Vedomir—i.e. sometime in the next few weeks—technically making it his debut full-length. The two records are distinctly different in style: while Vedomir continues on the weird and modern trajectory Vakula's been on as of late, V goes for more of a classic deep house feel (while maintaining his left-field flair). It will come out on CD, vinyl and cassette on the Seattle label Nuearth Kitchen. Tracklist 01. Untitled I 02. Untitled II 03. Untitled III 05. Untitled V 06. Untitled VI 07. Untitled VII 08. Untitled VIII 09. Untitled IX 10. Untitled X 11. Untitled XI 12. Untitled XII 13. Untitled XIII Nuearth Kitchen will release 13th District in March 2012.