Lone enters the Galaxy Garden

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  • R&S will release the UK producer's next album in May.
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  • Matt Cutler, AKA Lone, will release a new album in May called Galaxy Garden. Cutler has had stints on a few labels in the past, including Actress's Werk Discs' imprint and his own Magic Wire Recordings, but his most recent home appears to be R&S Records, who will be releasing Galaxy Garden and its preceding single, Crystal Caverns 1991. That track, which you can stream here, has the same day-glo flavor and frantic energy that's defined many of Cutler's recent productions. Travis Stewart, better known as Machine Drum, appears on two tracks ("As a Child" and "Cthulhu"), and the closing number features a guest appearance from Anneka, who's past credits include songs with Falty DL and Vex'd. Tracklist 01. New Colour 02. Animal Pattern 03. Out Run's Splash Wave 04. As a Child 05. Cthulhu 06. Lying in the Reeds 07. Dragon Blue Eyes 08. Crystal Caverns 1991 09. Raindance 10. Dream Girl/Sky Surfer 11. Earth's Lungs 12. Spirals R&S Records will release Galaxy Garden on May 7th, 2012.