Johan Agebjörn plays Music With Less Electricity

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  • The Swedish artist has compiled ten acoustic songs.
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  • Johan Agebjörn, the Swedish producer behind much of Sally Shapiro's music, is ready to release a collection of acoustic songs called Music With Less Electricity. There's an interesting story behind the album. As Agebjörn puts it, in 2003 he fell victim to a "weird, extremely handicapping disease: oversensitivity to electromagnetic radiation." This made it impossible for him to be near even a mobile phone, let alone a rack of keyboards and drum machines, so he shacked up in a 19th century cottage out in the Swedish countryside. Sooner or later he started playing piano to keep himself occupied, playing with motifs from jazz, ambient and Swedish folk music. By 2004 he was well enough to work with a computer and decided to record some of his new acoustic compositions; in 2006 he released Music With Less Electricity in a run of 50 CD-Rs, most of which were bought by his "mum and her friends." Over the years Agebjörn kept getting positive feedback from people who heard the album, and finally decided to give it a proper release. Music With Less Electricity will come out digitally next month on Agebjörn's label, Husmus Media. Tracklist 01. Song In C Minor 02. Song In G Minor 03. 8ths 04. The Fox, The Rat And The Pig 05. Folk Music-ish 06. Rosa Luxemburg 07. Less Electricity 08. Song II In C Minor 09. Fragments Of A Cathedral 10. Universal Love Husmus Media will release Music With Less Electricity on March 5th, 2012.